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Our Mission

Our mission is to create the tools and the training to help people become profitable traders. To accomplish this goal, we are dedicated to developing next-generation indicators, effective trading strategies, and realistic training.


  • Trendlines - We are the first and only site to provide fully automated identification of trendlines.
  • Swing Stops - Trailing stops that remain outside of most volatility while tracking price movements
  • Ahrens Moving Average - superior smoothing and decreased sensitivity to price spikes
  • Smooth RSI - A subtle reworking of Wilder's RSI that reduces volatility and is easier to read


  • Short-term - a system for profiting from transient oversold conditions
  • Long-term - a system that uses swing stops to profit from moves that last several months
  • IRA/401K - a long-term system for maximizing market returns on retirement accounts


  • Articles - essays by TLD founder and widely-published author, Richard Ahrens
  • Videos - we are currently ramping up to produce training videos