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Richard Ahrens -- Founder Trendline Dynamics

Richard Ahrens became involved with the capital markets in 1987. He began seriously studying and researching them in 1990. In 1991 he joined the Dallas Traders Group where he had the opportunity to exchange ideas with investing veterans like Greg Morris and John Ring. Eventually, the Dallas Traders Group became affiliated with the MTA, Market Technician's Association, and Richard was able to attend seminars with technical analysis experts like Richard Arms, Ted Todd, and Ralph Acampora.

When he moved to the San Francisco area, Richard joined the TSAA, the oldest technical analysis organization in the country. There he learned from fellow technicians and was able to attend classes with people like Sherman McClellan and Hank Pruden. Meanwhile he began to correspond with Kennedy Gamage and others to increase his depth of understanding in specific areas.

Soon he began to study mathematics, concentrating on time series analysis and non-linear dynamic systems - chaos theory. In addition to reading widely he corresponded with mathematical authorities like Dr. John Casti of the Santa Fe Institute. In 1994, Richard's research was mentioned in an article in Fortune magazine where he was described as a "full-blown rocket scientist" in the area of technical analysis.

In 2000, Richard invented a new method of calculating moving averages. Extensive testing has shown that it is even smoother than an equivalent Laguerre Transform and can operate with periods as short as 2 data samples.

In 2006 he created the Trend Strength Oscillator, a price transform which reveals the underlying trend with almost zero lag. The following year he designed a new method of indexing which provides greater accuracy in showing the activity taking place in markets and sectors.

In 2009 he started work on a computer program to draw trendlines on a price chart. (Many programs can map a channel when given the user identifies the endpoints. His algorithm locates the endpoints of the channel without human assistance.) Within one year he became the first person to solve the problem of automatically identifying trendlines. After 4 years of refinement, the program can identify trendlines, channels, and trend events (continuations and reversals).

Richard is a member of the invitation-only investment group known as "The Gurus." His articles have been published in "Technical Analysis" magazine, "Traders Journal", and in Van Tharp's monthly newsletter. Over the years he has read more than 100 books on market analysis and trading, and served as an advisor and money manager to private and institutional investors. He is currently engaged doing market analysis and risk management work for a private hedge fund